Help build the ultimate Leonard Cohen playlist for BBC 6 Music

BBC 6 Music want your help in compiling the ultimate Leonard Cohen playlist ahead of the release Leonard’s new album Old Ideas.

You can suggest your favourite tracks from over the years or anything else you would like to hear broadcast about Leonard.

Some of our personal favourites are Famous Blue Raincoat and The Partisan – why not suggest your favourites here?

Your contributions are welcome all week with the show going out on Friday 27th January from 7pm.

This comes ahead of their broadcast of Leonard’s interview with Jarvis Cocker on Sunday 29th January.

The interview is to mark the release of his brand new album Old Ideas.

By all accounts it sounds like Leonard’s dry humour was present during the Jarvis Cocker interview so it should be an interesting listen.

There is more information on the BBC 6 Music site here.

(Please send your suggestions to BBC 6 Music by 27th January by following the link above – don’t send them to us as they won’t get through!).

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