Leonard Cohen Ten New Songs CD Album

Leonard Cohen released Ten New Songs on 8th October 2001. Prior to releasing the album Leonard spent several years in a Zen monastery.  Sharon Robinson co-wrote the album.  She also sings and plays many of the insturments on the recording.

10 New Songs is definitely one of Leonard Cohen’s most downbeat albums and a must for any fan new or old.

Look out for: A Thousand Kisses Deep.  A beautiful track that (along with Boogie Street) has featured prominently at recent shows.

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1. In My Secret Life  4:53,

2. A Thousand Kisses Deep  6:25,

3. That Don’t Make It Junk  4:25,

4. Here It Is 4:14,

5. Love Itself 5:23,

6. By The Rovers Dark, 5:17,

7. Alexandra Leaving 5:22,

8. You Have Loved Enough 5:39,

9. Boogie Street 6:02,

10. The Land Of Plenty 4:35

There is further information about ‘Ten New Songs’ and you can buy the album on CD or vinyl here in the UK.

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