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  1. hi wat a brilliant singer only just heard his music whilst flying 2 florida on virgin alantic be collecting his works now

  2. l love lenoard choen. Have been a fan of his since l was 12 years old (now 48) he so inspires me.

    i have seen him in concert in maanchester england 20 years ago. l had front seat. took photos, but when l got home l realised l had forgotten to put film in the camera. l was devastated.

    l wanted to see him when he performed in manchester in 2009, but unfortunatley l could not afford the ticket.

    my wish would be to have a meal with mr cohen ( dont hthink he would grant this wish) to have along chat and spend time showing him my life in manchester. L think he would be inspired about my life and make a song. (of which l woould like for him to donated some of the money he make from this powerful song , to the homless in Manchester) weel the saying goes dreams are wishes, l guess this wish would not be granted.

    but l still love him and try to follow him in my mind, l think he is awsome and a very speacial gifted man.

    Hope whoever reads this will have some pleasure from this


  3. Loved Leonard since I first heard him when I was 16. I’m now 55 and went to see him perform at Edinburgh Castle, he was amazing and sang for hours without a break even though it was raining. When he sang Hallelujah even God smiled.
    A friend just phoned and said he was on TV last night on BBC 3 or 4, and I missed him as I’ve only just come home from hospital. I hope they put the programme on again.

  4. Hi Elaine

    Im sorry you have been in hospital

    I watchted him on bbc 4, It was awsome. It took me back when l saw him in my polytechnic years.

    I had tears of love joy and pride in my eyes, body and soul.

    I asked a friend of mine to record it for me. but since he is no a lenoard choen fan i dont think he has, which then count for the reason why l havent heard from him. ( definatley he is in the dog house, or l might give him to ladymidnight and let him fear he has grown old, the star eat his body and the wind makes him cold. lol)

    I know he sang in the soundtrack of the ‘film natural born killers’ the Main characters in film were julliette Lewis and Woody Harlson ( he used to play woody in cheers, where everyone knows your name lol)
    I have to say that their acting was amazing, Although the film was very distressing/upsetting and unfortuntley/possibly in some peoples lives was true, it highligted these fact, The best for me was hearing lenoard choen soundtrack

    I stumbled accross another film he sang on the sound track called ‘McCabe and Mrs Miller’ in the film the main characters were Julie Christie and Warren Beatty.

    I would recommend the latter.

    I would love to see him again in concert, but alas my finaces cannot permit this to happen, i am content with holding onto the memories. And hopefully getting hold of a copy of DVD of his performance the other night.

    It was great typing this. Its unusual to talk to people about this talent man we adore. but l feel a akin in sharing with you the information of the films l know he has done the soundtrack to

    take car and bless